About Us

ABS Books Publishing is a leading publisher of Management, Humanities and Science. Our mission is to publish quality textbooks at reasonable price. We offer attractive royalties to the authors and believe in aggressive marketing. We work closely with our authors and customers to make our value chain intact.

ABS Books takes pride in our global sales and marketing activities. Our books are promoted through direct marketing, Book fares, Seminars, online channel, book seller and many other reliable international channels. Most importantly, ABS Books believes in sustainable marketing.

ABS stands for the felicitation of knowledge irrespective of boundaries – Social, National or International. It also export a large number of books published from India. ABS distributes a large number of books in Indian market including supplies to reputed government colleges and private institutes.Our home absbooksindia.com. is a complete book store. Customers may go on absbooksindia.com and make a request for the desired books. We would be happy to supply such books with a special prize to special customers.

For bulk order interested parties may ask for a detailed catalogue of books from the ABS Books India, your cooperation is highly solicited.